My Book

He Can Control It Then is a mothers autobiographical journey of living with a child who has ADHD. When I started writing it was nothing more than my own ramblings, to work through my life and find understanding. By doing so, I ended up on a journey which I imagine may be useful to others.
It’s written in a down to earth non clinical style, which is easy to understand by all.  Giving the reader a chance to understand the ADHD world, from a parents perception.
Confessions of an ADHD Child’s Parent is a book for parents, teachers, carers, or grandparents. Through it I hope to reassure parents that their struggles are real, and dealt with by others. To promote a parents perspective to give teachers, support workers, or family members a better understanding. It will give anyone with an interest an insight as to the real challenges a parent faces.
When my son is being quiet, (happens on the rare occasion), people have said, “He can control it then.” What can I say without insulting them? Yes and no. He can control his ADHD as much as someone can control flatulence.

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