Friends to Excess

Now in January, he’s attending college one day a week, he tells me he is “working his way up slowly” to the three days he’s supposed to be in. But now instead of having three or four friends round, he was having eight, nine, or even ten.

Now I’m in a really difficult position, do I stop him from having so many friends, and try to limit it, which may hinder any progress being made? Or do I let it get out of control?

No, I couldn’t, over the first weekend in January, I decide enough is enough. My attached neighbours were away on holiday, and so my son decided to take advantage and hold an impromptu party. It didn’t get out of hand, and my house didn’t get trashed, but I was uncomfortable. So the next day I wrote out a list of rules, for all the kids who visited the house, and mine, to follow, limiting the amount of friends allowed round and the time they had to leave by. Unfortunately the same day this happened, his best friend, was kicked out of her house, by her parents. With nowhere else to go, I took her in.

The following week wasn’t stress-free, having yet another person in the house, when it was already quite full as it was. She was having to sleep on the sofa, because I had no room to put her in, so my living room now felt like another bedroom. But we managed to rub along and make things work.

Saturday night came about, and my neighbours still hadn’t returned, so my son decided yet again, to invite all his new friends round, feeling popular for once in his life, that he actually had people he could invite round. This time it got to ten-thirty and I asked them all to leave, I had enough. I was tired, they weren’t being deliberately messy, but the wet winter footsteps being left all over my house were starting to get on my nerves. The endless drinks being split on my living room carpet were wearing me down. I am one that would normally go to bed at ten o’clock, so being awake till eleven or half past clearing up each night, was washing me out.

After that night, I put my foot down, louder. The next day my neighbours returned, and I used them as the excuse for having to keep the noise down. I asked for everyone to leave my house by seven in the evening, so I could have a nice long bath and chill on my Sunday evening. The following day they were all compliant as well, and everyone was gone by mid-evening. My son was getting up for school, so I felt as if things were settling.

I do wish I wouldn’t get ahead of myself..

To Be Continued…


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