Life after school


So… I feel like it should be summer already, and not just because of the unusually warm weather we’ve been having. Two months in to the year, and so much has happened already. But let’s back track and catch you up.

When I finished writing my book, I left it at my son doing his GCSE’s. Well, unsurprisingly, he didn’t do very well. I had feeling he wouldn’t, as he hadn’t had any support through them. But despite that he still got on to his college course, and come September was going in every day. I actually thought we were making progress, I hate it when I pre-empt myself. The same month he started doing a football for health program, unfortunately during one session in October, he twisted his ankle (the opposite one to the one he broke), badly. I actually thought he’d broken it when he eventually dared to take his sock off and show me the damage. Another round of x-rays showed that it was just badly twisted, but of course, this meant he was unable to walk, let alone get his construction boots on.

So after two months of being unable to get into college, the first month being due to his foot, the second being due to his anxieties about falling behind, it was looking unlikely that he would return. For me it felt like I was continually going round and round in circles. We’d been here before, with school, and although he had eventually gone in, I wasn’t sure that I could handle the stress, especially as college was less likely to understand his traits.

After going to the doctors to try to get a sick note, which never did arrive, despite them promising they would write one, he eventually decided that he didn’t want to go back anyway. Dread and fear of what was going to happen next settled in.

Would he go in somewhere else?

Would he just expect to sit upstairs on his computer for the rest of his life?

Does he not actually want a career in construction?

Am I even doing the right thing by making him go to college?

New questions came flooding in every day. As we started up yet another path into the unknown, what would happen next?

To Be Continued…


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